Receiving Bid Notices - Contractors/Suppliers

Construction Projects – Contractors/Suppliers
The Public Works Department contracts for the construction of road, pedestrian, flood control, and airport projects. Road projects include those projects necessary to maintain the County road system, including maintenance projects such as slurry seals and overlays, road widening, and road reconstruction.  Pedestrian projects include curb ramp and sidewalk gap closure projects, as well as pedestrian trails and bridges.  Flood control projects include maintenance projects such as de-silting of existing storm water channels and detention basins, and also construction of new flood control facilities such as expanding existing or construction new storm water detention basins and installing new storm drain systems.  The Public Works Department also occasionally contracts for the construction of non-building-related airport facilities (runways, taxiways, ramps).

Notification of Contracting Opportunities

Those firms who wish to be notified of upcoming construction contracting opportunities need to complete and submit via email or fax a Bidders List Application Form.  

Building Contractors and Architects

County building projects can be found under Capital Projects .

All upcoming and current projects out to bid can be found here.

Besides sending bid notices to numerous building exchanges, the Department also uses eBidboard and bidsync to publicize projects out to bid and post project plan holders lists.