Deferred Compensation Plan (IRC 457) Loan Provision

Summary of the Deferred Compensation Plan- Loan Provision

On June 26, 2012, the Board of Supervisors adopted Resolution 2012/298 amending the Deferred Compensation Plan to include a Loan Provision. This amendment and loan provision are effective July 1, 2012. The following is a summary of the loan provision:   

  • Loan type: General Purpose Loans
  • Loan term: 1 to 5 years
  • Loan minimum: $1,000
  • Loan maximum: The loan may not exceed the lesser of $50,000 or 50% of the participant's vested account balance
  • Loan interest rate: Prime plus 1%
  • Loan Repayment: Occurs via payroll deduction on or about the 10th of each month
  • Outstanding Loans: Each participant is limited to one active loan at a time

Please refer to the Board Order to determine if your bargaining unit has approved participating in the Deferred Compensation Loan Provision.

Please review the FAQ's and Pros & Cons to determine if the Deferred Compensation Loan Provision is the right decision for you.

Board Order adopting Deferred Compensation Loan Provision
Board Order and Resolution 2012/298

Updated 9-4-2012
Board Order and Resolution 2012/348 (Labor Coalition)

Deferred Compensation Loan Provision

FAQ's for the Loan Provision

Pros and Cons for the Loan Provision

Loan Application and Agreement
Mass Mutual Forms

Loan Process - (If Eligible)
  1. Call Mass Mutual Customer Service Office at 1-800-743-5274, Monday through Friday between 5 AM and 6 PM EST.  The Mass Mutual Customer Service associate reviews the account and provides the Loan Application and Agreement. 
  2. The participant reviews and signs the Loan Application and Agreement form.
  3. The participant takes the completed Loan Application & Agreement form and their County picture ID Card or other legal form of current picture identification to the Employee Benefits Services Unit at 651 Pine Street, 5th Floor, Martinez, CA for verification of employment and authorization. The completed and authorized form is then sent to Mass Mutual at the address at the top of the form. Note: Please call the Employee Benefits Services Unit to ensure that an authorized staff member is available.
  4. Loan proceeds are in the form of a check that is mailed to the Participant with a confirmation statement and amortization schedule.

Loan Repayment Transmittal

Complete Loan Repayment Transmittal Form along with your bank check or money order. More detailed information included on the Loan Repayment Transmittal form.