Channel Guidelines

The effort to determine what’s next for Public, Education and Government Access cable programming will begin in early 2016. While the Government access programming has been relatively stable in Contra Costa County, the focus will turn next to improving the Public and Education components. There are many good models of how to do that found in access stations throughout the country. What will work best for Contra Costa residents will be decided through a facilitated, collaborative process.

If you are interested in being part of the visioning effort, please let us know at Contra Costa County’s Board of Supervisors and staff at CCTV look forward to your involvement and support.

In the meantime, CCTV is providing support to those whose programs were airing on the public access channels. If you were among those producing shows, drop us a note at and we’ll help your viewers find your programs. Until the next phase of community programming has been determined, CCTV remains committed to keeping the channel available to current producers.