SWCP and O&M Plan Templates

Stormwater Control Plan Template

The Stormwater Control Plan is required for all new development. The Contra Costa Clean Water Program has a Template for the SWCP on its website. The download link is provided below.

Operation and Maintenance Plan Template

Operation and Maintenance Plan (O&M Plan) is required for all new developments that install Integrated Management Practices (IMPs) to address water quality impacts. The O&M Plan Template was updated in 2019 by the County Watershed Program. The download link is provided below. This template provides a clear format for creating an O&M Plan making it easier to complete for the developer, to review by County staff, and to use by the future owner of the IMP. This template may be updated from time to time, so please download the most recent template for each project you work on.

Download Files

Download the templates using the links below: